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Sunday, April 14, 2013

LeJOYva Coffee Is the Best Healthy Gourmet Coffee Available Anywhere

LeJOYva Coffee is a healthy gourmet coffee from Joy To Live and is getting excellent reviews. It is the healthiest gourmet coffee in an instant that you can find and is also priced much lower than the competition.

Le'JOYva Coffee is slowly roasted to perfection. Just one taste and you won't believe it's an instant coffee. In addition, our proprietary blend has a soothing fresh aroma that you will enjoy and crave everyday.
LeJOYva Healthy Gourmet Coffee
Le’JOYva is a smooth rich tasting Healthy Gourmet Arabica Black Coffee specially infused with a unique blend of four super foods and anti oxidants.
The coffee beans are grown in the high volcanic mountains of Malaysia 1200m above sea level.
This is a Better Cup Of Coffee in an Instant.

Le’JOYva has the healthiest formula of fresh roasted beans, Ganoderma mushroom, Goji berry, Mangosteen and Yarcha Gumba.

Ganoderma is a hard, bitter mushroom used to promote health and longevity in traditional Chinese medicine.  Proponents claim that Ganoderma can relieve fatigue, keep cholesterol in check, curb high blood pressure, tame inflammation, build stamina, and support the immune system. Some other areas where Ganoderma has had health-enhancing effects: Cancer and the Immune System, Antioxidant Benefits, Relief of Urinary Tract Symptoms.

Goji Berry: Here are some interesting facts about goji berries:
ORAC testing has revealed that goji berries have antioxidant levels more than ten times higher than blueberries and about three times higher than pomegranates. Goji berries are an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. Per ounce, goji berries contain more vitamin C than oranges.

Yarcha Gumba: Also known as Cordyceps Sinensis; it is one of the most valuable medicinal herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is known to strengthen the immune system and is used as a treatment against respiratory ailments like asthma, bronchitis, cough and lung infections. It is believed to be highly effective against impotence (lack of libido) and is extensively used in China as an aphrodisiac. It is also known to relieve pain and is effective in the treatment of arthritis, spasms and cramps.

Mangosteen:  Mangosteen contained xanthone that which may help to prevent heart disease and arteriosclerosis. This nutritious fruit is considered helpful to overcome diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and others. Also, Mangosteen aids patients with leukemia, and put a halt to the development of cancer cells in the lungs, liver, and colon. Another health benefit of Mangosteen is that how it helps to lower high blood pressure or hypertension.and much, much more.

LeJOYva Healthy Gourmet Coffee Is Priced Much Lower Than Other Healthy Coffees

The best way to order LeJOYva Coffee is to sign up for lifetime access to discount pricing. The cost is only $33 plus shipping and includes your first 30 packet box of coffee. From that point on your cost is only $22 per box. With quantuty discounts the price comes down to only $12.50 per box!

To get signed up for discount pricing or if you prefer to buy retail ($39/box) just go to the following website: